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IIYM Previous Winners


First Prize - Yu Lei (Shanghai, China)
Second Prize -Junhao Wang (KS, USA)
Third Prize -Joshua Jensen (AZ, USA)
Audience Prize - Joshua Jensen (AZ, USA)
Finalist Prize - Eric Lin(VA, USA), Janet Phang (WA, USA), Eashan Vagish (WA, USA)


First Prize - Jessica Zhang (AZ, USA)
Second Prize - Caleb Borick (SC, USA)
Third Prize - Tristan Paradee (SC, USA)
Audience Prize - Chi Barry Zhang (KS, USA)
Finalist Prize - Michael Huy Nguyen (Australia), Jarrett Takaki (IL, USA), Chi Barry Zhang (KS, USA)


First Prize - Catherine Huang(CA, USA)
Second Prize - Jessica Zhang (AZ, USA)
Third Prize - Leah Deobald(WA, USA)
Audience Prize - Jessica Zhang(AZ, USA)
Finalist Prize - Collin Jinks(MN, USA), Noah Qin(MN, USA), Hang Zhong(China)


First Prize - Samuel Xu (AZ, USA)
Second Prize - Chi Barry Zhang (China/KS, USA)
Third Prize - Anastasia Magamedova (UT, USA/Tajikistan)
Audience Prize - Noah Qiu (AL, USA)
Finalist Prize - David Geng (NJ, USA), Millicent McFall (WA, USA), Noah Qiu (MN, USA)


First Prize - John Wang (LA, USA)
Second Prize - Brian Le (MD, USA)
Third Prize - Guobi Liu (Sichuan, China)
Audience Prize - John Wang (AL, USA)
Finalist Prize - Ulises MagaƱa de la Paz (USA/Mexico), Litian Xie (Sichuan, China), Chi Barry Zhang (China/USA)



First Prize - Evan Lin, HI, (USA)
Second Prize - Sarah Rasmussen, MO, (USA)
Third Prize - Luke Ratcliffe, VA, (USA)
Audience Prize - Evan Lin, HI, (USA)
Finalist Prize - Brian Le (VA, USA), Eric Lin (VA, USA), Patrick Pan (TX, USA)



First Prize - Chaeyoung Park (USA/Korea)
Second Prize - Evan Lin (USA)
Third Prize - Rieko Tsuichida (USA)
Audience Prize - Chaeyoung Park (USA/Korea) )
Finalist Prize - Evelyn Mo (USA), Trenton Takaki (USA), Alice Zhu (USA)



First Prize - Anna Han (USA)
Second Prize - Jonathan Mamora (USA) and Yangmingtian Zhao (China)
Audience Prize - Yangmingtian Zhao (China)
Finalist Prize - Lorranine Marie Chung (Australia), Chaeyoung Park (Korea) and Albert Wang (USA)



Second Prize - Chelsea De Souza (India) and Frank Wu (IL)
Third Prize - Aileen Gozali (Singapore)
Audience Prize - Joseph Eisele (CO)
Finalist Prize - Kevin Ahfat (CO) and Jina Kim (South Korea)
First Prize not awarded.



First Prize - Fantee Jones (CA)
Second Prize - Alan Woo (VA)
Third Prize - Rieko Tsuchida (CA)
Audience Prize - Alan Woo (VA)
Honorable Mentions - Christine Woo (MI),
Pan Xiao (CO), Min Joo Yi (WA)



First Prize - Anna Han (AZ)
Second Prizes - Dominic Cheli (MO),
Kate Liu (IL), Micah McLauren (SC)
Audience Prize - Dominic Cheli (MO)
Honorable Mentions - Carolynn Cong (AZ), Sean Yeh (IL)


First Prize - Rozalyn Chok (BC, Canada)
Second Prize - Alan Woo (VA)
Third Prize - George Fu (MD)
Audience Prize - George Fu (MD)
Honorable Mentions - Colin Barnett-Hart (CO),
Yvonne Chen (VA), Christine Kim (CA)


First Prize - Mi Eun Kim
Second Prize - Ronald Ho
Third Prize - Yi-Ju Lai
Honorable Mentions - George Fu, Monica Liu, Alec Tauscher
MP3 Recordings Not Available


First Prize - Charlie Albright
Second Prize - Veronica Shi
Third Prize - Erin Hales
Audience Prize - Veronica Shi
Honorable Mentions - Yvonne Chen, Yi-Ju Lai, Page Moon
MP3 Recordings Not Available


First Prize - Kwok-Wai Lio (Hong Kong, China)
Second Prize - Grace Ma (AZ)
Third Prize - Eric Chen (CA)
Audience Prize - Daniel Suo (MA)
MP3 Recordings Not Available

School of Music Calendar
Music students present hundreds of public concerts every year
Students perform in KU choirs, concert bands, pep bands, ensembles, symphony orchestra, and jazz combos
The school owns one of the greatest jazz record collections in the world
KU Wind Ensemble performed the world premiere of the symphony "In the Shadow of No Towers" at Carnegie Hall
One of 34 U.S. public institutions in the prestigious Association of American Universities
44 nationally ranked graduate programs.
—U.S. News & World Report
Top 50 nationwide for size of library collection.